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So how do you earn Passive Residual Income..? Innovative Business in the Trade!

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 So how do you earn Passive Residual Income..?

"Innovative,Global Business in the area of trade,comparable to the likes of Google and Skype."

DubLi Network

The Opportunity:

DubLi Network offers its BAs something that no other existing networking company can offer; a way for individuals to make money offering services and goods to retail customers at prices below market value.  All a BA needs to do is expose people to the DubLi shopping experience.  There, they will be able to buy the same items that they normally buy, in their day- to- day lives, at a fraction of the retail price and in an online environment that is fun, safe and easy to use. The DubLi compensation plan is simple; BAs can earn recurring income in two ways (1) by offering customers, around the world, an opportunity to experience great savings on name brand products and services through DubLi´s global shopping community and (2) by building their own international DubLi Network sales organization of Business Associates. DubLi Network currently has Business Associates and customers in over 100 countries.  Because DubLi is an online “global” shopping community, the business opportunity is not limited by borders, time zones or geography.  DubLi BAs are free to expand their business worldwide and DubLi has the infrastructure in place to support them in over 130 countries.

The Internet will continue to transform the face of the new global E-conomy, providing a global platform for businesses to interact with customers worldwide.  DubLi Network’s business model has no products to promote, only an idea whose time has come: customer driven eCommerce.  This model provides an individual with access to the entire world of potential new retail customers and prospective Business Associates.

Residual Income:

The concept of generating a residual income stream has been used across a broad array of industry segments from music and movies through licensing and royalty fees, to insurance agents in providing annuities, inventors, real estate investors, photographers, software designers, computer game developers and network marketing distributors, who all derive residual income from their initial efforts. Creating leverage is the key to building long-term wealth.
Leveraged marketing, more commonly known as network marketing, very simply is the ability to leverage one’s time, effort, and resources to create a channel of distribution.  This is done by harnessing the power of duplication and multiplication which generates override bonuses and commissions.  The vast majority of people who join the networking industry start out on a part- time basis, learning to work the business in their spare time; allowing the person to earn while they learn.
Leveraged marketing is not an easy business, but it is simple. Statistics from leading experts indicate 95% of small businesses fail within the first five years. Why carry the burden of the unnecessary risks of operating a traditional business or franchise when you can choose a successful leveraged marketing company which has already absorbed the majority of the start up operating cost and risks on your behalf? Many professionals from all walks of life are looking for more than just the pursuit of money; they seek intangibles like freedom and independence.  What good is it to earn a lot of money if you don’t have time to enjoy it?

So how do you earn passive residual income with DubLi Network? The customer is the lifeblood of our business and is the engine that generates the residual income stream.

DubLi Network is unique in that DubLi.com does not manufacture any product; instead our product is a global shopping community that includes an online reverse auction portal, an interactive comparison based shopping mall and an on demand streaming entertainment platform.   BAs profit from the success of DubLi.com by earning commissions when one of their customers participates in an auction, purchases something on the online shopping mall or subscribes to DubLi Entertainment. The DubLi advantage is that we use the latest technology to create a user friendly environment that provides a fun, safe and reliable online shopping experience.

DubLi Network is actively involved in supporting our Business Associates in acquiring customers and growing their network business.

DubLi provides BAs with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.  For example, a BA can simply type in a name and email address on their DubLi.com website, clicks submit, and a professional email is immediately sent to their potential customer. When the customer registers, they are automatically linked to the BA who sent them the email. The automated invitation approach makes it easy to quickly communicate with a large number of people in your sphere of influence. The job of the BA is to simply direct potential customers to their DubLi.com site where the customer receives tremendous bargains on name brand merchandise and services.

DubLi Network is fast emerging as the ultimate viral marketing machine.

BAs are in for a pleasant surprise when they see how quickly the DubLi message spreads outside their immediate sphere of influence; especially when one or more of your customer’s bids successfully on a hot auction, find’s a bargain on the shopping mall or takes advantage of music streaming while they are on the road. Almost immediately, they tell all their friends about their experience with DubLi.com and how much money they saved. Before you know it, you have a stream of new visitors coming to your website.  DubLi Network’s simple system is easy to duplicate.  It's fast, effective and it enjoys the highest customer-to-associate ratio in the industry.

As soon as a new customer joins, the Company deploys its action plan.

DubLi continues to follow-up with customers on a regular basis through email and informative newsletters. The best part is that our Business Associates are amply rewarded with generous referral commissions every time their customers take advantage of one of DubLi’s great shopping options.

The key component to accelerated growth is duplication by simplicity.

DubLi Network's business model is easy to comprehend. As such, a Business Associate quickly becomes comfortable sharing the concept with their peers; this in turn accelerates duplication. A brand new BA can expose a new consumer to the business model and within minutes, that same consumer can confidently and accurately explain it to one of their peers. This is a huge advantage for DubLi Network in the marketplace. If an individual is willing to put in the necessary time and focused effort to building a base of customers and associates and then teach these associates to do the same, the duplication process begins to manifest on its own, and the organization will multiply exponentially.

DubLi Network Academy: Success is not an option…it’s a requirement.

The DubLi Network philosophy is that education is a company responsibility.  DubLi Network Academy’s foundation is grounded in this philosophy and provides a framework for success.  The DubLi Network Academy is setting a new industry standard using innovation to advance the success of our Business Associates.  Quality education is part of our culture because we can only continue to grow and excel by sharing a proven methodology that marries technology with marketing best practices.  Using cutting-edge multimedia technology, and making it available 24/7 allows our growing, global network of associates the resources they need to achieve higher rankings without ever feeling they are without support.  We take great pride in our ability to teach, train, mentor and support members of the DubLi Network.
DubLi Network’s specially designed educational curriculum has five key goals:
1.    To provide a comprehensive overview and understanding of the DubLi Network business model,
2.    To assist Business Associates in planning their strategy and business,
3.    To create a body of information with the effectiveness of the underlying network marketing business,
4.    To offer step-by-step procedures to advance achievement,
5.    To create broad personal development skills.


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Заработок в интернете предлагает.."Today&Tomorrow" Earnings in the Internet offers .. "Today & Tomorrow"

The direction of the company is creation of programs which solve urgent social problems of a great part of population.
Направление компании — создание программ для решения самых острых социальных вопросов основной части населения.

Today&Tomorrow — это холдинговая компания, которая занимается международной деятельностью по оказанию финансовых услуг. Направление компании — создание программ для решения самых острых социальных вопросов основной части населения.
Наш холдинг – это целая система коммерческих организаций, которые вместе работают для Вас.
Today&Tomorrow — единственная компания подобного типа. Молодая, быстро развивающаяся, постоянно в движении к высоким стандартам и целям.Наше преимущество в стабильности: за счет охвата нескольких сфер деятельности и четкой системы управления. Грамотное управление помогает решить любой, даже самый глобальный вопрос! Система все время корректируется, чутко реагируя на изменения, происходящие в мире.Наше желание работать законно, постоянно и экономически взвешено. Поэтому мы выбрали своим домом Швейцарию – одну из стран со стабильно развивающейся экономикой. Ее опыт и возможности – это и Ваш будущий опыт!
Мы приглашаем в свои ряды тех, кто готов идти с нами рука об руку, решать сообща все проблемы и добиваться поставленных перед компанией целей. У нас впереди будущее, которое мы создаем сами!
Основные задачи проекта:— сформировать новую концепцию экономических механизмов, позволяющих населению любого государства быть независимым в решении своих социальных проблем;— способствовать улучшению показателей уровня жизни населения;— развивать и стимулировать интеллектуальное развитие — основной показатель человеческого прогресса;— создать мощный инструмент по борьбе с бедностью.
Перспективы проекта:— решение вопросов безработицы и малообеспеченности, как минимум, для 20% населения;— развитие автомобилестроения, строительного сектора со всеми смежными производственными отраслями;— развитие новых направлений в туризме, образовании, финансовом секторе;— улучшение показателей по всем направлениям, связанным с удовлетворением покупательского спроса населения;— возникновение нового класса активных предпринимателей, направляющих свои усилия на решение проблем, важных для любого человека.
Сегодня наша компания успешно и динамично развивается по всем направлениям. Мы предлагаем людям решение насущных вопросов: приобретение недвижимости, получение образования, покупка автомобиля и отдых каждый год. Это то, что нужно каждому из нас, поэтому наши проекты за короткое время
Today & Tomorrow is a holding company which deals with an international activity in the area of providing financial services. The direction of the company is creation of programs which solve urgent social problems of a great part of population.

Our holding is an integrated system of trade organizations which work together in your interest.

Today & Tomorrow is a unique company of this type. It is a young, fast developing company which strives for a high level and for achievement of optimal goals.

Our predominance in the stability is a result of choice of several areas of activities and precise management system. Proper management makes it possible to solve whichever, even the most complicated problem. The system is constantly corrected which makes it possible to exactly react to changes in the whole world.

It is our wish to work in agreement with the laws, solidly and with economical caution. That’s why we chose as our base Switzerland, one of the countries with steadily growing economy. The experience and capability of this country becomes even your prospective experience.

We welcome in our ranks all of those who want to solve all their problems and achieve all of the intentions placed before our company.

Basic tasks of our project:

-create a new concept of economic mechanisms, which will allow the population of any country independence when solving their social problems.

-help to improve people's living standards indicators

-develop and stimulate intellectual development - basic factor of human progress.

-develop a strong tool in the fight against powerty.

The perspectivs of the project:

-solving of questions of unemployment and a low level of support for minimum of 20% of population.

-development of auto industry, of the construction sector an its related industries.

-development of new directions in the travel industry, also education in the finance sector.

- improvement of pointers in all directions related to the satisfaction of consumer demands.

-emergence of a new class of active entrepreneurs who are trying to solve the problems which are important for every individuum.

Our company is at this time successfully and dynamically developing in all directions. We offer to the people to solve some problems: acquisition of property, obtaining of education, porches of a vehicle and yearly vacations. These are important meters which each of us needs. That's why our projects obtained in short time a great popularity with citizens of many countries of SNG, Europe and America.

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Заработок в интернете предлагает.."Today&Tomorrow"
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